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Katrina Sarkisian

Class of 2002

Katrina (Trina) is a Class of 2002 alumna. After KZV she was accepted to Mercy High School in San Francisco graduating in 2006. Upon graduating high school, Trina moved to Denver Colorado to attend Johnson & Wales University. She graduated with an AS in Culinary Arts in 2008. She took time off from school to start a career and then decided to return to finish up and received her Bachelor's of Science in Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management in 2015. Even though currently she does not work in the food industry she uses her college degree daily and highly recommends it.

Trina ran cross country in high school and was on the math team. She also did a ton of volunteering which she loved and continued throughout college. She now is a member of a volunteer Search and Rescue team in Los Angeles called CEMP. She says it's intense but very rewarding. She has a passion to help her community and she says it all started at KZV with helping out at St. Anthony's during the holidays.

Trina has been working in retail for nearly 15 years. She managed at Nordstroms and did the corporate side as well buying at Stitch Fix. The last few years she has been focusing more on sustainability and repurposing within retail. She has fallen in love with vintage clothing and home goods. She has just accepted a position at a company called Reformation and will start in a couple of weeks managing their Vintage shop on Melrose Avenue in LA. Her hobbies and passions turned into careers and for this she is so thankful! She also has a small candle and home goods business called Norehn Home. She makes luxury candles in vintage vessels and these candles you never have to throw away!

Trina is married to Shant and they live in Los Angeles.

What she loved are the friends she made at KZV. They're still her best friends today and she absolutely cannot imagine her life without them!

Secondly, she truly learned to be Armenian at KZV. She grew up in a household that didn't speak Armenian so being able to learn her language, history and culture is something she'll always be so thankful for.

Katrina Sarkisian



Armenian School

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