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The KZV Armenian School Reopening & Safety Plan was created in conjunction with the School Administration, School Board, Staff, Parents, Church Council, and the Board of Regents of Armenian Prelacy Schools.

A parent survey was initially conducted on July 9th to better understand how parents perceived returning to school. 

The school staff, comprised of 16 individuals including teachers and administration. Communication and collaboration with this small group occur on a regular basis via zoom meetings, email, and phone. Teachers received the first draft of Guidelines and Protocols for Reopening KZV in early July. A teacher survey was conducted on July 21st to better understand how teachers perceived returning to school.

The School Administration, School Board, and local Parish Board of Trustees and Rev. Father met regularly, most recently on August 27th, 2020. The coordination between the Parish and the School is critical because the school building belongs to the St. Gregory Church Parish.

Subsequent to these surveys and meetings, the KZV administration developed a plan to accommodate students and families who prefer to continue with distance learning. We will be offering concurrent classrooms in which teachers will teach students in person and those few staying home simultaneously on-line. Distance-learning students will be able to see and hear the teacher's explanations as they join virtually through Zoom. Teachers will make the online experience feel as similar as possible to the in-person experience by ensuring balanced student engagement regardless of settings.




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