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Kindergarten is a year of new beginnings, full of excitement and new experiences. The curriculum for the kindergartners focuses on teaching them basics, thereby establishing the path for future learning.



Based on introducing/strengthening the following: letter-recognition, vocabulary, oral reading skills and writing. Throughout the year, students will recognize the 38 letters of the Armenian Alphabet in both upper and lower cases as well as write words and short sentences.


Art is considered an integral aspect of kindergarten education. Through activities in the arts, kindergartners develop their hand-eye coordination, perception of colors and shapes, self-expression and self-confidence.


Our program stresses learning about self, families, school and community. The curriculum emphasizes an awareness of self and a relationship to the larger community, an ability to work with others, and an awareness of different cultures and traditions. Students learn how to work together in a cooperative manner and what it means to be a community helper. They learn what it means to be kind to other people.


Our program relies on systematic direct instruction in phonics skills combined with modeling and practice of reading strategies so that children move from phonics to literacy.


They learn to count from one to fifty as well as to write each number correctly. Once they grasp the concept of counting, they are eventually introduced to addition, subtraction, and the diversity of coins. Students learn to solve simple addition and subtraction problems, estimate, compare, match and construct shapes, classify, make patterns and learn to recognize and use money.


Science study provides children in kindergarten with a unique opportunity to explore the world around them. It is important to teach kindergarten students to be objective observers and to know the difference between an observation and an opinion. Students observe the similarities, differences, and component parts of materials, plants and animals, and the earth. Students learn how to classify, compare, sort, and identify common objects as well as recognizing the four seasons and changes in the weather. They expand their skills in descriptive language by learning to observe, measure, and predict the properties of materials. Experiments are ample in kindergarten and there is a basic introduction to the scientific method. Students learn also about healthy habits and cleanliness.


In Kindergarten, celebrating special events is almost a weekly occurrence. Many of the celebrations are spontaneous, and are sparked by the interests of the children. Some of the scheduled events we celebrate include Armenian Independence Day, Armenian Cultural month, , Thanksgiving Feast, Holidays Around the World, Christmas, Vartanants and Kindergarten Graduation.



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