Is KZV suitable for children where at least one parent is not Armenian?

Even though KZV is an Armenian Prelacy school, ethnicity and religion is not required in the application process. All that is asked is best-effort participation in all classes. Remember that research in the field shows that bilingual education fosters stronger cognitive development. Performance in these classes will not affect the overall grade.

At what age can my child start attending KZV?

Pre-K is split into three groups, based on the age of the student as of September 1st of the school year. The Yellow Group is for students who are 2.5 to 3 years old, the Red Group for 3 to 4 year olds, and the Blue Group for 4-5 year olds. Kids who are 5 years old by September 1st are eligible for Kindergarten. Notice that all kids should be potty-trained by the first day of class.

What if my child is not yet fully potty-trained?

We ask that all kids be potty-trained by the first day of classes. We understand however that kids in the Yellow Group or even older may have “accidents” occasionally.

How and when do I apply for registration?

Completed Registration Package including Registration fees are due by April 29th. Packages can picked-up at the KZV Office, or downloaded from the website. Please visit our Admissions page for further instructions.

What are the fees and tuitions?

School costs are divided into two main sections: Registration and Tuition. See the chart below:

Does KZV offer transportation to and from school, and to field trips?

Busses are not available. KZV relies on parents to drop-off and pick-up their kids. Parents also help during field trips. You can sign-up with the room mothers to drive your kids along with as many other students as you can legally fit in your vehicle. Parents should drop-off car seats for the driving parents. This is a great way to participate in your kid’s school life, while meeting your 40 yearly participation hours.

Does KZV offer morning and evening day care to match my child’s hours to my work hours?

KZV understands the plights of modern families in the Bay Area, typically with two full-time working parents. As such, before and after-school day care is available, in a supervised room, where students are encouraged to do their homework. This is available for kids in Preschool-8, for a nominal hourly fee. Morning hours start at 7:00 am, and afternoon hours end at 6 pm.

Do you have a lunch program? How does it work?

KZV’s Hot Lunch Service is offered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday through PTA. Your child will enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold choices all prepared with a commitment to providing the students with a well-balanced, nutritious meal


What should I bring along with my child on the first day of Pre-Kindergarten class?

All Pre-K kids are encouraged to take a nap in the afternoon. Therefore, we request from you to bring along on the first day of school a flat bed sheet, a blanket, and a pillow with a cover and an extra pair of clothing change (pants, T-shirt, blouse, 2 pairs of underwear and undershirt and socks). These items and uniforms should be labeled with your child’s name. Additionally, we require that you bring with you: Two boxes of flushable wet wipes and two boxes of tissue. 4x6 family photo and 2 photos of your child.

What are the Pre-K hours, and are the hours flexible?

Yes, Pre-K hours are flexible, yet we strongly encourage that students are dropped-off by 8:30 am, to keep foot traffic distractions at a minimum for our classes on the first floor. You can also pick-up your kid at any time, if necessary, with advance notice. If this is known in advance, we recommend informing the teacher and the office. A uniform schedule is also advised for best kid behavior and teaching proper habits and routines for Kindergarten and on.

Is there a part-time Pre-K program?

Yes, there are two options for part-time Pre-K programs. One option is three days per week, instead of five (8 am to 3:30 pm). The other is five half-days (8 am to 12:30 pm). However, we strongly recommend that the Blue Group be enrolled full-time, and if not, at-least in the five half-days option. Not only will this routine prepare your kids for Kindergarten, but they will be better prepared for the many recital performances they will give throughout the year.

Is the Pre-K program at KZV licensed by the State of California?

Yes, KZV’s Pre-K program is licensed for students by the State of California for students ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Lic. #380505320

Are meals or snacks provided?

Morning and afternoon snacks are provided at no extra fee in Pre-Kindergarten. 1% milk is provided with both snacks and at lunch-time. Lunch is provided by the ASPTA for a nominal yearly fee. For K-8, lunch is provided by the ASPTA for a small yearly fee. Snacks during the day may be provided by parents and coordinated by the room mothers, especially in the lower grades.

Parent Participation

How can I participate as a parent in my child’s life at KZV?

As you know, KZV offers a discounted tuition for 40 hours per year parent participation/volunteer hours in school-related activities, such as helping at the yearly food festival. One great way to accomplish both objectives, participate in your child’s school life and meet the 40 hours requirement, is to become one of the two room mothers per grade. You can also help by driving your student/child and a couple more to field trips with the teacher.

What are KZV’s expectations of parents and students?

Please refer to the Parents and Students Handbook.

What is the parent participation commitment for volunteer hours?

Parent participation is a hallmark of KZV Armenian School and essential to the successful operation of the school. Each family is required to give 40 hours to the school annually (20 hours for single parent families). There are many ways to earn those hours including participating in the PTA, assisting in your child’s classroom, chaperoning fields trips, helping with church or school events—like St. Gregory’s food festival in September—to name just a few.

What is Scrip or eScrip? Do you have a scrip commitment for school families?

Scrip is a fundraising program where the school receives a small percentage of participants’ retail purchases. Yes, every school family is requested to participate in KZV’s eScrip program. You simply register at www.escrip.com our account number is 136556116. Register one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program. Participating merchants will make contributions to KZV, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered.

Student Needs

What if my child has an allergy or needs special assistance?

Make sure to fill-in your child’s allergies and special needs section in the registration forms. You may take it upon yourself to notify your teacher personally, yet this is not necessary. All highly allergenic foods such as peanuts are prohibited from snacks and meals. The benefit of a small private school with less than 20 students per class on average is the personal attention that the teacher can provide to give to each student, including extra precaution and special assistance.

How do I get informed of my child’s assessment throughout the year?

Assessment results are formally and informally submitted to parents through progress reports, report cards, phone calls, bi-yearly parent-teacher conferences, informal meetings, e-mails, and notes and letters sent home. As for communication with students, regarding assessment, teachers communicate with their students through Engrade (for middle school), progress reports, exams, assigned papers, and informal meetings. Most teachers are available outside of class to help students with their work. KZV also organizes a back to school night at the beginning of each year where parents meet each teacher for their kids’ syllabus.

Does KZV offer financial aid for those in need?

Yes, KZV does offer financial aid for those who can document the need. This will only relieve parents from a percentage of the tuition. Fees are still due in full at time of registration. If there are any unpaid balances from a previous year, one cannot register for a new year. Financial aid forms must be filled every year, on time, and a previous year’s acceptance does not imply future acceptance. Financial aid is offered for students from k through 8th grade. Financial aid is not offered for Preschool students.


Is KZV an accredited school?

Yes, KZV is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

How do I know that KZV offers a high quality level of education, and that my child is going to be challenged in class by his teachers and fellow students?

Letters that the school receives from high schools attended by our alumni are often positive and help our teachers determine the degree to which our curriculum and instruction prepares our students in meeting their educational as well as personal goals. Our graduates frequently visit our school and state that KZV still “feels like home.” Many of our alumni go on to honors and AP classes in high school and attend some of the nation’s best universities.

Does KZV have up-to-date facilities and tools such as science labs, computer technology, advanced learning tools?

KZV offers the latest IT technologies. Our computers are periodically upgraded. We have a state-of-the-art science lab. We have installed Smart Boards in each classroom from 3rd grade and up.

Does KZV offer tutoring if my child needs added help?

One of KZV’s major benefits is small class sizes where your child will enjoy the special attention of the teacher, as he/she needs it. This has usually negated the need for special after-school tutoring, but if added help is required, the KZV Office has an updated list of tutoring centers as reference, and other guidance material.


What if I move or need to withdraw my child for any reason?

You may withdraw your child from KZV at anytime, but this rarely happens and is usually due to family relocation. KZV may also terminate the contract for severe behavioral problems that cannot be solved as mentioned in the Discipline Policy, or when a child has medical or emotional issues that cannot be handled at our facility. In either case, tuition will be refunded on a pro-rated basis, but fees are non-refundable.

How does the KZV administration communicate with parents?

The most widely used communication vehicle is known as the “Thursday’s Announcements”. This is issued weekly and contains news updates and flyers featuring various events, activities, and announcements. This is sent home electronically weekly. KZV also maintains a school Web site featuring calendars, contact information, various updates, and downloadable forms.

What do I need to know about the school uniform and where do I purchase it from?

Detailed uniform requirements can be obtained in the Parent/Student Handbook. Most of the uniform items can be purchased at Dennis Uniform in San Francisco or online at www.dennisuniform.com. The school sweatshirts can be purchased from the school’s office. You can also purchase the polo shirts, leggings and socks from Old Navy, Gap, Target, etc…

Do KZV classes participate in off-campus field trips?

Yes! All classes participate in age-appropriate field trips throughout the school year. Most field trips feature performances, museums, science programs and other enriching activities. In addition, there are several longer trips, including: 6th graders enjoy an educational, fun 3-day trip to the YMCA science camp in Santa Cruz; 7th graders participate in a 4-day outdoor education adventure in Yosemite; and 8th graders spend a week together in Washington DC to bond, learn and celebrate their years together.

Do private schools have to hire certified teachers?

No, Private schools are solely responsible for establishing duties, qualifications and salaries of faculty and staff. Most of our teachers at KZV are certified and hold California Credentials.



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