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For over forty years, KZV Armenian School has been providing an excellent bilingual, bicultural private education in the heart of San Francisco. We offer our students (Preschool through Grade Eight) a rich educational and cultural foundation, an academically rigorous learning environment, a keen sense of community, and a model of learning and respect for the rest of their lives.

KZV is an accredited school that provides a safe, healthy, and inviting learning environment for an ever-changing world. We are very proud of the nurturing, supportive family environment that each child experiences at KZV. We have a dedicated cadre of teachers and small classes to allow every child to be known and valued while partaking in a broad range of learning opportunities in academics, visual and performing arts, leadership, ethics, public speaking, and outdoor education.

A website can never be a full substitute for an in-person visit, and I invite you to come to our campus to observe our classrooms, hear our students, witness our teachers' devotion to their work, and discover our passion for learning!


Please do not hesitate to contact our school office at (415) 586-8686 with your questions and your request for a visit. We look forward to seeing you.

Grace Andonian, Principal

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Armenian School

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