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Roles and Responsibilities

Mission & Philosophy

The Board is the steward of KZV's core values.  We are committed to: 

  • Maintaining academic excellence

  • Fostering a nurturing environment with small class sizes

  • Promoting immersion in the Armenian language and cultural

All in an effort to provide an outstanding, well-rounded education, delivered in a safe, personalized environment highlighting the Armenian culture, language, and religion. 
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Through the planning process, the Board and school staff translate the organization’s mission into objectives and goals, helping us to focus our energy and resources. We are currently in the prioritization process for the current academic year, and will be reaching out to understand your needs.  For example, in the past year we revamped our online presence, from website to newsletters, as the previous versions were no longer functional on mobile devices or easily updated. We continue to integrate legacy communications into these new tools.

Organization and Reporting

Both Principal Andonian and the Board report directly to The Prelacy, and KZV’s Board has an advisory role in assisting Principal Andonian and the Prelacy in achieving our shared goals. Board members are elected every 2 years, and nominations are openly accepted during openings. We meet approximately every 3 weeks on campus during the school year.


A critical role for the Board is the stewardship of the school’s finances. We work with Principal Andonian to set an annual budget, then have a monthly operational budget variance review where we discuss the financial performance of the school, making adjustments as necessary. We depend on tuition, the annual banquet fundraiser, and private donations to ensure our financial stability. We are always looking for innovative ways to increase KZV’s financial security, and welcome your feedback and insights. 

Our Members


Harout Momjian


Harout Momjian is an engineering and business development professional in the electronics and communications industry, involved in multiple community organizations, with two kids who graduated from KZV.


Hrag Kalebjian


Hrag Kalebjian is a local business owner with a background in corporate finance. As the treasurer of the board, he assists in managing the finances of the organization. He is a proud KZV alumnus (class of 1992) and has three boys continuing the legacy as students at KZV.


Sako Bezdjian


Sako Bezdjian's professional experience includes the high-tech industry as well as property management and investment. The importance of academics, Armenian culture, and a strong sense of heritage are the driving forces behind Sako’s dedication and commitment to KZV.


Eric Panosian

Board Member

Eric Panosian is a retired public school administrator residing in San Francisco. He is the parent of a two KZV graduates. 


Vartan Demirjian

Board Member

Vartan Demirjian is a small business owner in San Francisco with over 30 years of management experience. He has been an active member of the community in several organizations. His wife served as treasurer of the PTA for eight years and his son is a graduate of the class of 2015. He has always believed in the mission of the school and seeing the education, nurture and care it has provided for the youth makes him want to participate and try and offer more of it to our community.


Deneb Karentz

Board Member

Deneb Karentz is a professor of Environmental Science and Biology at the University of San Francisco. Her work on the School Board has included establishing guidelines for increasing teacher salaries and developing the school's online registration system.


Armen Berjikly

Board Member

Armen Berjikly is a technology entrepreneur residing in San Francisco, and has 3 children attending KZV. 


Nicole Fentin

Board Member

Nicole Fantin is an R&D scientist focusing on infectious disease and is a KZV alumna class of '99. She currently resides in San Bruno with her husband and two children.



Armenian School

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