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Aline Jalalian

Class of 2002

Aline is a Class of 2002 alumna. After KZV she was accepted to Mercy High School in San Francisco graduating in 2006. She attended the University of San Francisco receiving her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration in 2013.

At KZV Aline enjoyed singing in Baron Panossian's Jboor Choir. She participated in Homenetmen San Francisco scouts, basketball, and soccer teams and went to the Navasartian Games in LA every summer. She also was a member of the AYF and looked forward to going to camp every year as well as the countless activities. Aline made time in her busy schedule to also take piano, karate, tennis, and even horseback riding lessons. Growing up, her family spent a lot of time outdoors and went on annual camping trips in Lake Tahoe with about 8-10 other families whose children went to KZV. To this day her parents are still great friends with those families!

Currently, Aline is a Senior User Experience Designer at Adobe. She says that this path was serendipitous to her, as she never expected to pursue a creative path after business school. But, once she learned about what User Experience Design was, she found that she could combine the strategic skills she learned in school with her desire to help design/create products that aid people to have a better experience using digital products. What she loves about her job is that she can carve her own path and go in whichever direction she wants based on her interests and skills within the industry.

Aline is married to Alex and lives in San Francisco. She doesn't have any children (yet), but soon will be getting a puppy!

What she loved about KZV were the friends she made who are still part of her life to this day. She loved Hot Lunch Wednesdays. Back in the day, it was only once a week. She has fond memories of the Hanteses, especially at Christmas when they would sing their hearts out to Armenian Christmas songs.

Aline Jalalian



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