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Arpi Deirmendjian

Class of 2012

Arpi is a Class of 2012 Alumna. After KZV she attended Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in the heart of San Francisco. After high school, she was accepted to the University of California, Davis, where she received her Bachelor's of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior and a Minor in Global Disease Biology in the summer of 2020. Her minor courses were especially interesting during this time because the quarantine stay-at-home order had begun during her last quarter of classes. She had the unique opportunity to analyze the current events and to see the Global Disease impacts of COVID-19 play out in real-time.

Growing up Arpi played many sports including volleyball, basketball, soccer, and swimming. She was a member of Homenetmen San Francisco playing on the girls' basketball team and Scouts. Through middle school and high school, she participated in club volleyball, traveling to competitions across the country. One season, her team made it all the way to the National Championships in New Orleans. Arpi attributes her rigorous club volleyball experience to teaching her about teamwork, discipline, and mental toughness, which has helped her in her career.

Currently, Arpi is a Supervisor of the Gene Production Lab at Twist Bioscience, in South San Francisco. They produce custom vector DNA for their customers to use for a variety of different research topics. She chose this path because of her interest in the field and because she values BioTech as a major part of what future technology will look like. Their customers use the DNA they produce for research and development in finding new and innovative ways to use the DNA, for example, in cancer research and data storage. She finds that being a part of a rapidly growing manufacturing lab is extremely rewarding because there is room for constant improvement and creativity in finding better and more efficient ways to produce their workflow. She enjoys this type of work because it is very goal oriented. Due to her athletic background and competitive nature, she would set daily production goals for herself and then try to outperform herself every day. This set her apart from her co-workers and eventually, her supervisors recognized her motivation and reliability in the lab and decided to promote her to Supervisor of her own team when a position opened up. This made her the youngest Supervisor ever hired at Twist so far.

Her favorite part of KZV was the feeling of family you are left with after spending the first 12-13 years of your life on campus. There is a comfort and familiarity that KZV has, which is difficult to find elsewhere.

Arpi Deirmendjian



Armenian School

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