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David Avetisyan

Class of 2009

David is a Class of 2009 Alumnus. After KZV he was accepted to Lowell High School in San Francisco, graduating in 2013. David then went on to attended College of San Mateo majoring in Computer Science.

Growing up David was and still is a member of Homenetmen San Francisco. In his youth he played on the boys soccer and basketball teams. He still plays on the men's soccer team and participates in the Navasartian Games in Los Angeles every year. He also has a love for hockey. He played on a competitive travelling team and went to many tournaments. He still plays, but now, it's just for fun.

Currently, David is a Software Engineer for a company called Forma that provides flexible benefits to leading companies. They provide these flex benefits that will fit the employee’s lives, not the other way around. There is a market need for more of a choice to benefits and they bring that to their clients. One benefit David has is that he is able to work from home.

He chose this path because he says that as a kid he loved to solve puzzles. He has an analytical mind and was able to teach himself most of the computer skills he needed on line. What he loves about his job is that he gets the chance to build on ideas and work out challenging problems. His work is not repetitive and that problems he faces are unique and take creative thinking to solve.

What he loved most about KZV was learning the language, his Armenian identity and making the life long friends he has until today.

David Avetisyan



Armenian School

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