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Anthony Catchatoorian

Class of 1996

Anthony is a Class of 1996 alumnus. After KZV he attended Burlingame High School graduating in 2000. Anthony went on to San Francisco State University and in 2005 received his Bachelor of Arts in Television and Radio and a minor in Greek Studies. All throughout high school, college and beyond Anthony was in a Greek band called Fotia, it means "fire." Anthony is half Greek and is very proud of both his heritages. He plays the bouzouki and is very good at it. So good that his band performed all over the United States and had the amazing opportunity to open for many Greek singers in Greece!

Currently, Anthony is a photojournalist/cinematographer for NBC Sports. Anthony chose this path because of his love of sports and television production. He was able to turn it into a career that is now into its 17th year. He truly loves his job that has taken him on some exciting journeys. He has covered 3 Super Bowls, 4 NBA Championships, 3 World Series and countless other sporting events and has been fortunate to travel all over the world.

Anthony is married to Nicole and has a daughter Melenia who is 4 years old and in Blue Group. His favorite part of KZV was the sense of family that the school provided. All these years later he is so excited for his daughter to get the KZV experience.

Anthony Catchatoorian



Armenian School

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