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Christopher Dayans

Class of 1999

Christopher is a Class of 1999 alumnus. After KZV he attended Lowell High School in San Francisco graduating in 2003. He then went on to attend the University of San Francisco and graduated with a degree in Business and Finance in 2007. Chris then continued his education at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, earning his JD (Juris Doctor) and MBA.

Growing up Chris played soccer on club teams with a few of his classmates and basketball with Homenetmen San Francisco. He also played soccer all four years while at Lowell.

Currently, Chris is a partner at Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips, a Los Angeles-based law firm with offices across the US, including SF. His practice is focused on venture capital, emerging companies, and mergers and acquisitions. He works with all kinds of companies, small and large, but what he enjoys most is working with entrepreneurs and startups. He says that the most satisfying part of his job is seeing a small business owner grow their business, succeed and realize their dreams.

His favorite part of KZV was the sense of family that the school provided, along with the long-lasting friendships that were created, which, he is still very good friends with all of them. He is very excited that they're all parents now and their kids are attending KZV at the same time. He looks forward to making new memories together.

Chris is married to Arda, a Class of 1998 alumna. His older daughter Areni is in Red Group and Nareh will be joining soon. He is happy that his kids will get the KZV experience.

Christopher Dayans



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