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KZV Armenian School is the only Armenian School in Northern California. It has served generations of Armenian youth, teaching them their ethnic language and history alongside the standard educational framework. The school is a backbone of the Armenian community connecting Armenian-Americans across the greater Bay Area.


The school was vandalized the night of July 23rd 2020 by Turkish and Azeri nationalists.  Obscene and threatening political slogans, profanities and hate speech were graffiti'd on children's classrooms. Needless to say, the cowardly targeting of children on nationalistic grounds is both unacceptable and terrifying. 

We will not allow terrorists and thugs to erode that in any way. Thank you for your consideration of support. 

This GoFundMe is organized by the school board of KZV, with members based across San Francisco. Please see KZV Board for more information. The board assists the administration in managing and caring for the school, its teachers, students, and parent community. The funds will be disbursed directly to the school to be used for graffiti cleanup, repair of damage to walls, floors, doors and gates, re-painting, and enhancement of the current fencing, security gates, and automated parking lot gates. 



Armenian School

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