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Student Behavior Management Matrix

Teacher/Classroom Managed


Administration Managed Behaviors

Research-Based Strategies for Creating a Positive Classroom Climate


Building Blocks

  • Reinforce Positive Behaviors (4 : 1 Ratio) * see note

  • Problem Solve

  • Request Family Support


Research-based strategies for a Positive Classroom 

  • Zones of regulation (K-4)

  • Morning meetings

  • Closing circles

  • Calming Corner

  • RED BLUE ORANGE Behavior Clip Chart

    • RED = Ready to Learn

    • BLUE = Beginning to need intervention

    • ORANGE = Oh no - parent contact


Class Rewards System

  • Van Cat Ticket

  • Marble Jar (K-3) 

  • Class Point Prizes

How to Observe and Identify Problem Behaviors

Document and identify how the behavior is managed.

  1. 10-second Intervention - Talk with the student about the choice and future expectations.

  2. Warnings - These can be verbal warnings with the following consequences: Time out, contact parents, loss of privilege, play area restriction, reflection) 

  • Inappropriate Language/Body Language

  • Horseplay

  • Non-Compliance/arguing 

  • Off Task Behavior

  • In class disruptions

  • Inability to self-regulate

  • Side-Talking

  • Lying/False Information 

  • Copying/Cheating

  • Teasing/Bullying


PINK SLIP  - Automatic parent contact: 


Students will be issued a pink slip for repeated warnings at the teacher's discretion:  Parents must be contacted by the teacher for these repeated behaviors OR for one of the following: 


  • Constant class disruptions 

  • Continued lack of adherence to classroom rules

  • Physical fighting or hitting

  • Bullying

  • Rude, disrespectful behavior


PLEASE NOTE: The student must have received a pink slip and parents must be notified by the teacher before being sent to administration - unless the infraction is an extreme case.


Note:  A pink slip will document constant behavioral infringements so that parent/administration conferences will be effective.  



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