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Aram Nahabedian

Class of 2007

Aram is a Class of 2007 alumnus. After KZV Aram attended St. Ignatius College Preparatory graduating in 2011. Aram was accepted to the University of Southern California and graduated in2015 with a degree in Economics and International Relations. While in college, he was in the Armenian Students Association, worked as the equipment manager for the USC football team, and was involved in the Investing Club.

Currently, Aram works for Oracle Corporation in Software Sales.

He chose this path because he says that sales is something that is needed no matter the industry or product. Becoming good in sales makes you invaluable no matter what company you work for. What Aram loves about his job is that most of it is building relationships where he gets to speak with leaders at some really cool companies. He enjoys the challenge of helping companies figure out how to run their business more efficiently. He says that being personable and building a rapport with people is important and that it comes easily to him.

One of his favorite parts of KZV was that his mom, Dgn. Nahabedian was his teacher. But would say that the Armenian history and language were most important to him. Since living in LA, he has met a lot of people who went all the way through to Armenian high school. He says KZV did an incredible job of instilling Armenian values, culture, knowledge, and language in him and that he can read, speak, write, and know just as much about being Armenian and about our history as any person who went to Armenian school for 14 years.

Aram Nahabedian



Armenian School

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