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Sanan Panossian

Class of 2006

Sanan is a Class of 2006 alumna. After KZV she attended Notre Dame High School in Belmont graduating in 2010. Sanan was accepted to the University of California, Irvine and graduated in 2014 with a degree in International Studies She also minored in Education. Sanan continued on and received her masters degree in International Education from the New York University in 2019. Growing up she took piano lessons and did Armenian dance. She also became a member of AYF, the Armenian Student Association, and the ANCA. While in college she was in the Middle Eastern Awareness Club and STAND, Student Anti Genocide Coalition.

Currently, Sanan is a Research Scientist/Program Associate at Scholars at Risk, in New York. It's a non-profit organization that promotes academic freedom across the world and supports refugee-scholars' resettlement and continued research efforts amidst conflict.

She chose this path as she was inspired from our Armenian generational stories. These stories of resilience and survival where Armenians persevered through forced deportations rebuilding their communities around schools, churches and "agoumps" are what pushed her to pursue a career in international education/education in emergencies. She says that as a granddaughter/daughter of genocide survivors, refugees, resistance leaders and Armenian educators, her career in international education is her way of giving back and creating an ounce of hope for international refugees who need support in rebuilding their own communities' across the world, through education and beyond. It's gratifying to connect with other cultures and create solidarity with representatives from all international diasporas.

What she loved about KZV was performing in all the hanteses. She has fond memories of being on stage reciting poems, singing songs, and proudly representing our heritage. She is forever grateful to KZV and her teachers who taught her the importance and power of her Armenian voice.

Sanan Panossian



Armenian School

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